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    Cardio Kool Kids™ | Creating Healthy Kids for a Lifetime!

    • Cardio Kool Kids Advanced: Taking kids’ dance & fitness to the next level!!

      Students collaborate to learn hip-hop dance and kickboxing choreography, discuss and write about healthy life choices, and reinforce positive social and peer mentoring skills by performing with a group.

      Cardio Kool Kids Advanced is a complete wellness curriculum for children that innovatively combines sports, dance, and health education. The active pace and variety of the CKK Advanced classes appeal to boys and girls, who achieve the following positive outcomes:

      • Progression of physical skill sets (kickboxing skills/strength training skills/coordinated movement)

      • Increased knowledge and improved reasoning in health and fitness

      • Decision-making and research skills with student-choice nutrition and health lessons

      • Team-building skills and creative thinking for dance routines or skits

      • Leadership skills for directing weekly choreography or challenge activities

      •Potential volunteer opportunities with CKK Original

      **Eligibility for CKK Advanced:

      • 4th-5th grade students who have taken at least 1 semester or camp session of CKK Original • 1st-3rd grade students who have taken at least 2 semesters or camp sessions of CKK Original • The ability to work independently or in small groups with less structure • The ability to work and learn in an environment that is more student-led than teacher-led • The potential to step into leadership opportunities

      Choreography | Health & Wellness Discussions | Journaling | Collaboration


    • Mondays, 3:45pm-4:45pm, $180 for 11 weeks


      January 22, 29

      February 5, 12, 26

      March 5, 12, 19, 26

      April 9, 16 (4/16 = Showcase Celebration)


      · CKK Logo Merchandise

      · Resources for optional learning at home

      Cardio Kool Kids was created by Cobb parent Amy Head, using a holistic approach to consider the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children. Amy combines her professional expertise as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and as an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor and certified ZUMBA Instructor to develop the curriculum which is used in schools, recreation centers, and other settings. Questions? Contact Amy: 404-229-4993 or [email protected]

      Questions? Contact Amy: 404-229-4993 or [email protected]




    • I hereby agree to release and hold harmless the Mt. Bethel Elementary School Foundation (MBESF), its officers, trustees, and representatives and Cardio Kool Kids, its employees and representatives, from any responsibility, loss, liability, damage or costs which Participant may incur in this after school program whether caused by the negligence of MBESF and/or Cardio Kool Kids, the negligence of Participant and/or others, or due to accidental occurrences. In the case of injury or medical emergency involving Participant, if a parent or guardian cannot be reached, I give the Cardio Kool Kids program representative(s) permission to seek appropriate first aid or medical care and I agree to be fully responsible for the cost of any services provided.

      Cardio Kool Kids classes and special events provide photo/multi-media opportunities to recognize students’ accomplishments and activities. Cardio Kool Kids occasionally uses these media images for promoting the program in publications and websites. If you do NOT want your child’s image to be used, please check the box below.
    • Please note MBESF policy: FACT Programs will be cancelled when school is not in session due to any reason, including early release for weather conditions. There will be no make-up classes.