Cardio Kool Kids™ is a complete wellness curriculum for children in grades pre-K to 5 that combines kickboxing, sports drills, strength training, hip hop dance and health and nutrition journaling while enhancing math, reading, science, writing, social and peer mentoring skills.

Our innovative program benefits the whole child, features positive reinforcement, provides student leadership opportunities, and teaches kids that healthy living can be fun!



The active pace and variety of the classes appeal to boys and girls, who achieve the following positive outcomes:

  • Skill Sets (kickboxing skills/strength training skills/dance skills)
  • Increased interest in & knowledge of health and fitness
  • Full hip hop dance routine (skills/performance/self-confidence/esteem)
  • Education in the core competencies (math, science, reading, writing)

Our team has lots of practice working with PTA, Foundation, and After School Program coordinators to provide the best experience for your students, staff and school. We know what it takes to offer a successful and organized program, complete with excellent communication and a positive outcome for all involved. References are available upon request!


Programs are designed to run 8-15 weeks in length, based on venue schedule and needs. Each class is one hour long. Due to the activity level, typical space accommodations range from gyms to multipurpose rooms or large classrooms.

Program fee includes CKK logo merchandise and CKK health and nutrition workbook.

Weekly email updates from the CKK instructor keep families informed on CKK class activities, lessons learned, and what to expect for the next session.

Upon completion of the program, families are invited to a Showcase Celebration to see the students demonstrate their skills and listen to what they have learned about healthy lifestyles.

Cardio Kool Kids™ also offers special programs and participation in the following areas:

  • Career Day
  • Arts in Education Day
  • Health & Wellness Enrichment Events

If your school/organization is interested in getting kids excited about getting healthy, Cardio Kool Kids™ would love to join your team! Contact us today!