Becoming a Franchisee is a personal and financial commitment that deserves thorough thought and consideration. Below is the series of steps that you will take if you choose to pursue Cardio Kool Kids as your business franchise opportunity:

  1. Contact Cardio Kool Kids™ Franchise Development to discuss franchise opportunities, provide Cardio Kool Kids Franchise Development with pertinent personal, professional and financial information, and to request a copy of the preliminary Cardio Kool Kids business plan for your review.
  2. Cardio Kool Kids™ Franchise Development will schedule a telephone conference call/interview with you and Cardio Kool Kids Corporate Office. This interview will allow both parties to get to know each other to determine the overall value and fit of a potential franchisor/franchisee relationship.
  3. Upon completion of the telephone interview, Cardio Kool Kids™Corporate Office will follow up with you via phone to determine next steps. At this time, if next steps are in order, you will be invited to participate in Discovery Day(s) in Atlanta. This will be your opportunity to see Cardio Kool Kids™ in action and for Cardio Kool Kids™ Management to meet you in person. You will be able to ask questions, review additional program documentation and gain a better hands-on understanding on the program and its operation. At this time, Cardio Kool Kids™ Corporate will also initiate the completion of a criminal background check.
  4. Upon completion of Discovery Day(s) and a completed and approved criminal background check, Cardio Kool Kids™ Corporate will extend or deny an invitation to come on board as a Franchisee.
  5. If a Franchisee invitation is extended to and accepted by you, you and Cardio Kool Kids™Corporate will work together to finalize all documents, payments, etc. You will receive a Cardio Kool Kids™ Franchise Welcome Kit and your Cardio Kool Kids™ Franchise will begin!