Fitness for ChildrenHere are 5 crazy, silly, fun fitness ideas that will help encourage and motivate kids toward fitness! Adding music will add to the fun!


“Guess How Many!”
How many hops/jumps/skips does it take to get from one side of the yard to the other? Everybody shout out their guesses and then see who’s right!


“Ring Around the Fitness!”
Everybody stands in a circle, facing into the center of the circle like in the classic game ring around the rosy. Have random people, one at a time, call out a fitness move that everybody has to do while moving the circle around and around. Good moves for this are jumping jacks, hops, skips, simulated jump roping. Then, when someone shouts out “all fall down,” everybody has to do either 10 sit-ups or 10 pushups!


“Fitness Tag!”
Designate someone as IT. Whenever IT tags someone, that person has to do the fitness drill of IT’s choice!


“Red Light, Green Light, Get Fit!”
Everybody line up in a horizontal line facing the one person who is the “caller.” Everybody runs toward the caller when (s)he says “green light,” and stops running when the caller says “red light.” When the caller says “get fit,” everybody moves their bodies in place as fast and crazy as they can until the caller says “red light!” First to make it to where the caller is standing wins!


“Simon Says” Boot Camp!”
Mom or Dad is the Boot Camp Instructor and leads the kids in a series of burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats and more. Then, let the kids lead the boot camp!

Going back to the basics of fun can help establish a lifetime of fitness!